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Chuck McGrady goes to Raleigh!

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Our own, Chuck McGrady, will join the North Carolina General Assembly as one of its freshman members when it convenes on January 26, 2011.   He is currently a Henderson County Commissioner, but qualified for the legislative position and drew no opposition.  Thus, his election is virtually assured.

Having been Falling Creek Camp’s owner and director for the better part of twenty years and been active in the camp community and with the American Camp Association on public policy issues, McGrady says he expects to remain interested in issues which affect summer camps.

“I’m interested in working on a better school calendar law and also understand how building and health codes sometimes don’t allow camps to operate in the manner they’ve operated for decades.  While I’m going to miss working with the Association, I suspect I’ll be more valuable to the summer camps by being in the General Assembly than I can be working as their lobbyist.”

McGrady is a long-time environmental advocate who has worked on a variety of public lands issues.  These issues are likely to also be of interest to the camp community.

McGrady has always pressed the summer camps to be involved in influencing public policy and that it will be really good to have someone with his background representing Henderson County, the home to many summer camps.

McGrady is not the first summer camp director to serve in the General Assembly.  Former Keystone Camp owner and director, Bill Ives, served from 1992-1998, representing Transylvania County, another county that has many summer camps.

NCYCA is currently in the process of searching out another Executive Director to fill McGrady’s position by late summer/ early fall.